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Retail Property Valuation

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At Vantage Valuation our valuers have the expertise and experience needed to deliver your retail property valuation.


The value of a retail property can depend on a range of factors, some of which include:


  • The location of a retail property - properties located in prime areas with high foot traffic and good visibility from major roads and highways are typically more valuable.

  • Size and layout - properties with flexible layouts that can accommodate a variety of tenants may be more attractive to potential buyers or retailers.

  • Tenant mix - properties located amongst a mix of well-established anchor tenants and smaller, complementary businesses may be more attractive to retailer and investors.

  • Physical condition - well-maintained and updated properties may be worth more than those that are outdated or in need of refurbishment.

  • The broader economic climate can also impact the value of a retail property. Factors such as interest rates, inflation, and consumer spending can all affect demand and, therefore, value.

  • Trends in the property investment market, as well as the performance of completing asset classes, may also affect retail property values.

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