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Valuation for Capital Gains Tax

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At Vantage Valuation we regularly undertake market valuations for taxation purposes that meet the requirements of the Australian Tax Office.


When a property is sold, transferred, or gifted for more than its original cost, the profit or gain is considered a capital gain and may be subject to capital gains tax, which is calculated as a percentage of the capital gain.

We have the experience and expertise to provide a market valuation for taxation purposes that satisfy all 19 of the reporting requirements of the Australian Tax Office.

Sometimes the original cost of a property is not known, for example,

  • If a property was previously inherited; or

  • If extensive renovations were previously completed, and records of those costs are unavailable (the renovation could inflate the capital gain liability in the absence of a valuation which identifies the value it added); or

  • If a valuation was not undertaken at the time a property became, or ceased being used as an investment property.


In these instances, we can provide a retrospective valuation to determine market value of a property at a date in the past.

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