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What we do


Our valuers have the professional qualifications and experience to provide valuations you can rely on. So when value matters, you can trust us to get it right.

  • Thorough Research – Our valuation reports are detailed and reflect the comprehensive market research we undertake for each one

  • Expert Valuers – Not all valuers are equal, and we make sure that ours have the appropriate expertise to value your property

  • Unbiased Valuations – Our valuers have the training and expertise to always remain objective and independent so that you can have confidence that our valuations are accurate.

At Vantage Valuation you are not just a number. We value each of our clients and offer a personalised service that aims to meet your unique requirements.

"I need a valuer who will take the time and care to get the valuation right."

Our clients rely on the accuracy of our valuations, particularly those clients going through divorce and other family disputes, when every dollar counts. That's why we take the time to ensure your valuations are detailed and accurate.

"I need a valuer who will prioritise my valuation, and not just focus on looking after their big customers."

We have a broad customer base and we don't work for big banks, so that allows us to offer every customer the same high level of service.


"I need a valuer who has the expertise and skills needed to do the job."


We are accredited by the Australian Property Institute (API) as Certified Practicing Valuers and are also Sworn Valuers and Residential Property Valuers. We are also accredited by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) as Registered Valuers. 

"I need a valuer who doesn’t over-charge me."

We offer the best value for money available and we calculate our fees on the time it takes to do the job, not your postcode.

"I need a valuer who honours their commitments and who will complete my valuation on time."

We pride ourselves in our customer service and we deliver our valuations on time, every time.

"I need a valuer who I can easily contact and who willing to assist me with any questions I have."

Whether by text, phone or email, we make sure that you can always reach us to discuss any aspect of your valuation. Our valuation reports are written in plain English and contain explanations of our method and approach so that you can have confidence in our valuation.

To make it easier for you to decide if our valuation service meets your requirements see list of what we don't do.

Quotation marks

I’ve worked in property valuation for the last 20 years. As my specialisation in family law evolved, I saw the need for a more modern and transparent service that clients could better understand and trust. Providing these kinds of valuations is a huge responsibility, and we take pride in knowing that our valuations make up a small part of what is needed to enable people to move on.

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