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Valuation for Probate & Deceased Estate

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Our valuers can provide timely independent property advice that can help avoid disputes and provide greater peace of mind.


The family home or any property investments can bring up mixed emotions, as we cherish the memories of our loved ones while also facing uncertainty about what to do with the property. In such situations, seeking an independent property valuation can help in determining the property's worth for sale purposes and exploring options for keeping it within the family as an investment or transferring it to family members in need.

An executor of a deceased estate can benefit from obtaining a property valuation for several reasons, including:

  • Using it to determine a suitable sale price when a property within the estate is to be sold

  • Setting a price for a sale between beneficiaries, where one wishes to buy the property and others wish to sell. A valuation can also help calculate any stamp duty tax that may result from such a purchase

  • Providing transparency and serving as evidence that the executor has fulfilled their legal obligation to obtain the best possible price for the property when selling on behalf of the estate

  • Assisting the probate court, particularly in cases of disputes among beneficiaries

  • If the deceased has died without a will, then the next of kin may also need a valuation when applying for letters of administration


Receiving sensible and timely independent property advice can help prevent disputes among beneficiaries and family members, resolving doubts about the best course of action. It can provide those responsible for making decisions with greater certainty and peace of mind.

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