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Valuation for Divorce & Separation

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I’ve worked in property valuation for the last 20 years. As my specialisation in family law evolved, I saw the need for a more modern and transparent service that clients could better understand and trust. Providing these kinds of valuations is a huge responsibility, and we take pride in knowing that our valuations make up a small part of what is needed to enable people to move on.

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When going through divorce or separation, concerns over your future financial security may often seem overwhelming.

Any breakup brings uncertainty and the longer the length of a relationship the more unclear the future may appear afterwards.

So it is critically important that the value of each property used to agree a financial settlement is  accurate, otherwise you could lose out financially.

At Vantage Valuation we specialise in providing valuations for divorce and separation, so we are organised to give you a high-quality valuation that is always accurate and thoroughly researched.

For instance, our valuers have specialist training in remaining objective no matter what, and that is why you can be confident that we will not let others influence the outcome of your valuation.

All our valuers are all fully accredited experts with years of experience, so you will always get the ‘A’ team when obtaining your valuation from us, and we don’t use jargon or confusing terminology but explain everything clearly and pride ourselves on being user friendly.

We are often asked 'Will my valuation be equal to my selling price?' and you can read our article discussing this question here.

We hope we can assist you with your valuation. Feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have.

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