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Commercial Property Valuation

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We have the skills and experience needed to provide accurate valuations for real estate used for business activities.

Most commercial properties fall into one of three categories: Offices, Retail and Industrial premises. There are other specialised commercial property types which include medical centres, nursing homes, hotels and service stations.

Fundamentally, the value of commercial property reflects the revenue that businesses can generate by occupying it. The more the revenue generated, the higher the amount a business can to pay to occupy a property. The demand from commercial tenants and owner occupiers are important factors in determining commercial property values.

As an investment asset class, commercial property values are also affected by the strength of investor demand. Commercial property prices are commonly measured in terms of investment yields i.e. the property value expressed as a multiple of the annual rent a property generates. The stronger investor demand for a commercial property, the higher the multiple of rental income investors will pay for property, and the lower the yield. 

Commercial real estate valuations are more complex than residential property, and must take into account a broad range of factors including those aforementioned. 


Through thorough market research and careful analysis of sales, rental income and yields, we ensure we provide constant accurate valuation advice, upon which our clients can rely.

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