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What we don't do

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To find out whether our service is suitable for your requirements, here are some of the things we don't offer:

  • We don't do bank valuations.

We often see the 2 or 3 page valuations from the banks, sometimes described as ‘tick and flick’ valuations, a reference to the speed at which they are completed. If you want a valuation that is credible and will stand under closer scrutiny, then you have come to the right place. We take time and care in each of our valuations. Read our article 'Has my valuation been done right?'.

  • We don't let others influence our valuations.


Even experienced valuers are susceptible to being influenced by others and can fail to remain objective. We work in perhaps the most challenging and contentious areas of valuation, and our valuers have the training to be able to resist external pressures and remain objective.

Our service caters for those who want to know the amount that a property will sell for in the property market and our valuations reflect the market above all else.


  • We don't ignore our customers


We want our customers to understand our valuations so that they can have full confidence in them. We are constantly looking for ways to make the valuation process more transparent and accessible, after all we don’t aim to bamboozle our customers with valuation jargon and a lack of explanation. That is why we always listen to the information and feedback our customers provide, to ensure that our service meets their requirements, and not the other way around.

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